Day 7: Crème Brulée

Tea party, anyone?

Tea party, anyone?

Day 7! It’s now been a full week of tea blogging! Huzzah! Only 142 to go! 😉

To celebrate, I decided to pull out one of my tea cups for tea time today. Of course, tea cups don’t really hold very much tea… meaning that, as I’m still developing my palate, I only really have a little bit to say about the tea each time. It’s over several cups though….

This tea cup was given to me by my parents earlier this year, and this was its maiden voyage. I rather like it, actually! Another time, I think I’ll hold off on the tea cups unless I’m drinking with someone else, or else am set up to have a proper tea, though. As much as I love them, tea cups for the sake of them aren’t necessarily the best fit for me right now.

Of course, if I can make myself a proper cream tea or high tea… that’s another matter altogether!

Day 7: Crème Brulée by DAVIDsTEA

It smells amazing already!

It smells amazing already!

Ingredients: green and red rooibos, safflowers, calendula marigold.

Steeped: 1 tbsp in my 2-cup pot with freshly boiled water.

First Cup: Brewed 5 minutes. Clear.
There’s a sweet, citrusy flavour to this, and a roundness to the taste. Quite enjoyable.

Second cup: Same steep. Brewed approx 10 minutes. Clear.
Pretty much the same as the first cup. Perhaps a bit stronger, but that’s to be expected. I’m definitely enjoying this… and it does have a nice dessert-ish flavour to it. Not the most well-versed in crème brulée, but from what I remember, it may be reminiscent of the real dish.

Third cup: Same steep. Brewed approx 15 minutes. Clear.
Flavour is stronger. I let it cool, but it’s not as nice when it’s not hot.

Fourth cup: Last of the first steep. Brewed 20-30 minutes. Clear.
A little too strong by now. It seems thicker as well, and again cooler. The tea definitely is best hot and brewed a bit less than this.

Fifth cup: Resteep. Brewed 10 minutes. Clear.
Flavour is lighter. Still citrusy, smooth and rounded, and nice. The lingering taste is gone, though. I rather miss it….

Sixth cup: Same resteep. Brewed approx 30 minutes. Clear.
Ok. So, I gave up on the teacup and poured the rest into a larger mug. The teacup just… wasn’t the best way to go for drinking this tea on my own. But oh well. That being said, I think the tea may be best served in a dainty mug, halfway between these two vessels. Something to keep in mind for next time.
As for the tea itself, the resteeped flavour is stronger now, more reminiscent of the first cup. The smooth, creamy aftertaste is back, if still not as strong as it was on the first steep overall. The tea cooled as I drank and again I am reminded that this tea tastes much better hot.

Overall impression: A very nice flavour. I’m surprised by the ingredients in this one — it tastes like it should have something citrusy or creamy or something in it, but it’s just rooibos and flowers. Still, delicious, especially warm. And smelling the dry tea is wonderful as well!

My rating: 84. A-. It would’ve made a straight A if it were as good cooled as it is hot. Still, it’s got a lovely flavour for a dessert tea, making a great and calorie free alternative to the real food.

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