Day 12: Forever Nuts

I think in song.

That may seem like an odd sentence, but I swear it’s true.

Okay, so maybe not all my thoughts are musically-based, but it hardly takes anything — a word, a phrase, a few hummed notes, a picture of something or a soundalike — and I’m off with a song firmly stuck in my head.

A musically named tea if ever there was one

A musically named tea if ever there was one

This tea is one of the ones that does it to me far too easily.

While there are a few songs that I suppose could be equally likely to be the cause of this, for me it’s the fault of a certain Alphaville song that may have been covered by (among others) One Direction…. (For those of you thinking of the Rod Stewart song, you’d also be right, it’s just not the one that comes to mind for me.)

For me, it’s a fun game. And a genre-crossing one too, sometimes with results that I’m sure the tea creators or musical artists ever thought possible (though I’m still nowhere near being the next Weird Al).

Still, there’s something all too fun about changing a certain song from A Muppet Christmas Carol to be all about how there’s only one more steep ’til Christmas. (Tea humour is a wonderful thing, is it not?)

Anyway, today’s musical tea, and another beautiful red/pink-steeping one is reviewed below for your enjoyment.


Nutty, fruity, and just waiting to be brewed-ty.

Nutty, fruity, and just waiting to be brewed-ty.

Day 12: Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA

Ingredients: Apple, almond, cinnamon, beetroot.

Steeped: 1tbsp in my 2-cup pot. Made with freshly boiled water.

First Cup: steeped 5:15. Clear.
More fuchsia than yesterday’s “red tea”, though it’s still the same ingredient (beetroot) creating the colour. There’s a lovely fruitiness from the apple, nuttiness from the almond (which, by the way, is the only nut in this), and sweetness from the cinnamon. Nowhere near as pungent as yesterday’s tea, and I somewhat miss that, but quite enjoyable. Hoping it will be stronger with the second cup (same steep, brewed longer).

Second cup: steeped approx 30-40 minutes. Clear.
Stronger fruitiness. There’s a lovely, sweet aftertaste which lingers after. The nutty flavour comes out quite nicely as well. Still a little mild, but stronger.

Third cup: Resteep. Steeped for 10 minutes. Clear.
The tea is now a salmon pink.  Still some fruity and nutty flavour, but very mild. Nothing unexpected, though, as most tisanes don’t resteep well at all. (I’ve always wondered how flavoured teas can, but tisanes can’t. Anyone have any idea?)

Fourth cup: Same resteep. Steeped for around 40 minutes. Clear.
Although there’s not much substance, there’s still a lovely ghost of nutty, fruity flavour that lingers long after the tea is drank. Pleasant, though not substantial.

Overall impression: This tea is very delicious, but also very light. I feel like I would want to brew this at a higher strength than recommended (and I used a heaping tbsp as it was!), in order to try and get a stronger flavour from the tea. However, the flavour that is there is good — fruity and nutty, though I’m still not sure how accurate a name Forever Nuts is when only one nut is involved. (That being said, it still makes me want to sing, so I guess it’s all good.)

My rating: 79. B+ Lovely, but not quite enough… substance to get an A from me.

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