Day 14: Goji Pop

There’s something to be said about fruity teas and dessert teas — the teas that remind you of decadence and dessert while having few to no calories. To date, the top caloric count I’ve seen on a tea is around 10 per cup (and I was surprised to find one that high!), and even that’s the approximate equivalent of around a minute or two of physical exertion. So, it really is a guilt-free way to enjoy something sweet, decadent, and delicious. Unless, of course, you decide to have your cake and drink it too. But even then, you’re only getting the large count from one, not the other.

Now, I’m not a total calorie-counting, healthy foods only person. I have my weaknesses and enjoy my share of sweets. But still, it’s nice to have some good teas around for when I’m in the mood for something, but aren’t quite in the mood for a full something big. Or, as I happen to have a strong preference over the temperature range at which I like my tea, when I’m in the mood for something hot.


Just a spoonful or two is all it takes!

Day 14: Goji Pop by DAVIDsTEA

Ingredients: Apple pieces, goji berries, hibiscus blossoms, rosehip peel, honeydew melon cubes (honeydew melon, sugar), marigold petals. With artificial flavouring.

Steeped: 2 tsp in a tea bag, brewed in-cup. Brewed with freshly boiled water.

First cup: Steeped 5.5 minutes. Clear.
There’s a bit of an odd scent to this tea. Definitely berry-ish, but not something I can easily place. It could either be the mix of the flavours, or the fact that I’m… less than familiar with goji berries on whole. The tea has a nice sweet-and-sour taste to it. A fruity sweet and a berry sour, I think — it reminds me a bit of a mixed fruit pie, but in tea form. There’s a nice richness and fullness to the flavour too. It’s strong, and lasts beyond an initial burst like some of the herbal teas do. It does leave a bit of a sour aftertaste, however.

Second cup: Resteep. Steeped 10 minutes. Clear.
It’s about half as colourful, and half as full in flavour. The flavour that is there is still fairly strong, however, just not as rich as before. The berry’s tartness still comes through, though the aftertaste seems sweeter, bringing more with it from the apple and melon perhaps.

Overall impression: I’m glad I still have enough of this to make another brew or two, because I think I may need the bit of further time to make a full impression of this tea. I like it — like I said, it’s kind of like a mixed berry pie, and I do enjoy my mixed berry pies. However, it’s not… quite something that I’d go out of my way to buy either. Probably on the level of tea I’d request if someone offered it to me, but not something I’d keep in plentiful stock on my own. We’ll see if this changes after another brew or two. 😉
I also slightly regret not having this tea loose, but I didn’t really have the time or the want for as many cups as normal today. Next time, provided I have enough, I’ll have it loose and see what I think of it then.

My rating: 79. B+. Again, not quite there at the yay level, but very close. A solid effort from a solid tea.

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