Day 15: Japanese Sencha

Ok. I’ll admit. Some days aren’t very tea-friendly. That’s not to say that tea’s not wanted, but more that there isn’t enough time to savour the tea as much as you’d like. This is one of those days. I was very busy, and as a result didn’t really get enough time with my tea to really be able to fairly judge the tea for review, though I did have a lovely first cuppa.

Thus, I’ve done the first part of this, and plan to do a fresh brew sometime soon so I can get a proper impression of this tea over a few steeps. Look forward to an edit and a full review soon!


Straight Green Tea

Straight Green Tea

Day 15: Japanese Sencha by DAVIDsTEA

Ingredients: Fine organic steamed Japanese green tea from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Steeped: 1 tsp in tea ball, brewed in-cup. Brewed with water boiled, then left for 5 minutes.

First cup: Steeped 2 minutes.
I should have waited longer for the water to cool before steeping. Judging by taste, I have the feeling it wasn’t quite low enough for this tea. The tea, however, is light, grassy, and slightly metallic, all of which I’m used to associating with green tea. Still slightly hoping that the latter isn’t from slightly scalded leaves…. There is a freshness that comes with this short a steep of a green tea, though, and that is lovely to taste.
That being said, I had a tea stalk floating upright in mine for the first little while, which is apparently an auspicious sign. Hopefully good luck is coming my way soon!

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