How does your grading work?
My grading is based upon the grading I grew up with in Ontario schools. The A-range is 80-100, B-range is 70-79, C is 60-69, D is 50-59, and 49 or lower would be an F.
Individual grades are based on taste, appearance, my opinion of how it should taste (based on my previous experience with this or similar teas), and my own personal preferences. Since I’m rating it for myself, the last is probably going to be the strongest category. For instance, lapsang souchong tends to be a type of tea that people either love or hate. I may give it a low score if I don’t like it, but someone else may absolutely love it and may give it a very high rating if in my place. And that’s totally fine by me.

Are you willing to try a tea again and give it a second chance?
Always, especially if I think it could taste better brewed differently than I did it the first time. It can’t be another one of my days, but I’m always willing to adjust my overall rating for a tea based on experiences that I’ve had over numerous samples and steeps of the same tea.

So what can I take from this blog?
My hope is that you’ll find some good tea recommendations from this blog. Hopefully, you’ll want to try some of my favourites. I also hope that you’ll learn a bit about tea in general.

This is awesome! Would you like to sample my tea(s) for one (or more) of your days?
Of course I would! Contact me at 1001cupsoftea@gmail.com and we can discuss!

Why haven’t you discussed *insert tea here* yet?
Chances are, I either don’t have that tea at hand right now, or else I just haven’t gotten to it yet. If you have any suggestions, or things you’d like to see me review, feel free to leave me a comment or contact me at 1001cupsoftea@gmail.com


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